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News Brief

Feb. 12, 2024Jefferson City, Mo. |  By: Jeremy Werner

MDA announces new regulations for exhibitors

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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Department of Agriculture has rolled out new animal health regulations for beef and swine exhibitors participating in fairs and exhibitions across the state.

Effective immediately, exhibitors must present a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection completed by an accredited veterinarian within 30 days of the show.

It should detail the exhibitions where the animal will be showcased during this period, and both printed and electronic versions are acceptable.

Furthermore, beef and swine projects must be identified with an official form of identification, such as National Uniform Eartagging System tags or Animal Identification Number tags, among other options provided by the USDA. A

press release from the MDA says veterinary oversight before exhibitions is crucial to prevent the spread of illnesses among animals and back to their respective farms.

For a comprehensive guide to exhibition requirements, visit