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News Brief

Feb. 5, 2024Jefferson City, Mo. |  By: Jeremy Werner

Latest vehicle crash figures show good and bad trends in MO


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - In Missouri, the latest figures reveal a modest decline in roadway fatalities for 2023, marking the first reduction since 2019.

Preliminary data indicates 989 lives were lost, reflecting a 6% decrease from 2022's toll of 1,057 fatalities. Yet, with nearly three lives lost daily on Missouri roads, there's a pressing need for continued improvement in 2024.

Amid the overall decline, the state witnessed a troubling trend: motorcycle fatalities surged to an all-time high.

In 2023, 175 motorcyclists lost their lives—a 14% increase from the previous year and the highest recorded in Missouri's history.

Safety experts attribute this rise to the lack of helmet use, underscoring the pivotal role of public policy in safeguarding riders.

Officials emphasize helmet usage, stressing its potential to mitigate fatal injuries in motorcycle crashes. To contribute to safer roadways, visit for more information on the initiative.