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News Brief

Feb. 7, 2024Des Moines, Iowa |  By: Jeremy Werner

Iowa DNR offers tip on coyote hunting


DES MOINES, Iowa - As Iowa's other hunting seasons wind down, the spotlight now falls on coyote hunting.

While coyote hunting remains open year-round, the winter months draw the most attention from the 10,000 hunters who partake.

With the state's coyote population well-distributed, particularly thriving in western Iowa, hunters seek out habitats near large brush piles, timber, and switchgrass fields.

For hunters, favorable conditions include fresh snow for tracking and wind for strategic positioning.

Despite declining demand for coyote fur, hunting remains crucial for managing coyote populations and mitigating their impact on wildlife and livestock.

However, hunters must exercise caution as wolves occasionally pass through the state.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources warns hunters to positively identify their target, as misidentifying a wolf could result in hefty fines since they are protected.