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News Brief

April 5, 2017 |  By: Coffey / Hannah / Lawrence

Tuesday's regional election results


The Rock Port Transportation Tax passed with 114 YES votes and 34 NO votes.
The Langdon road levy passed with 5 votes YES and 0 votes for NO.

In the race for Tarkio North Ward Alderman Scott Poppa received 75 votes and Jamie Caldwell earned 17.

In the election of Fairfax's mayor, Ryan Kingery won with 90 votes, while Jacob Bradbury received 17.

The Fairfax tax question was approved with 81 YES votes and 25 NO votes.


The countywide sales tax passed with 63.7% yes votes to 35.6% no votes.
In the Chillicothe Board of Education race Pat Jones, Jason Bone and Lauren Horsman were voted on the Board in a close election: Jones with 994 votes, Bone 985 and Horsman 977.


In the Board of Education race,  Jeffrey Tyler Steele, Amber Montique and Jeff Andrews won the seats; Steele with 168 votes, Montique with 165 and Andrews 154.


Winston R-6 School Board: Karla Youtsey received 119 votes, Shelly Mason gained 90 and Jason Estes earned 84 votes.

Gallatin R-V School Proposition 2: 285 voted YES and 174 voted NO.

Gallatin Proposition 1: 217 voted YES  and 45 voted NO.


Andrew County Health Department Trustees: Julie Hanna earned 782 votes, Patrick Kelly gained 577 and Sandford E. "Bud" Coker Jr. had 277.

Savannah R-III School board: Stancy Bond received 898 votes, Dyann Duncan earned 781, Nathaniel 'Than' Wagers gained 742 votes,

Andrew County R-9 schoool board: Rodney L. Davison received 82 votes, Tonya Ball earned 58, Jason Manley gained 57, and Jaren Johnson-Pippitt received 55.

Savannah Proposition A: 375 votes NO and 272 votes YES

Savannah Mayor: Donald W. Dillman received 314 votes, John Parker earned 172 and Shawn C Shuster finished with 148 votes.

Village of Country Club Questionl: 153 voted YES


Harrison R-2 School District Board of Education: Caleb Guernsey received 740 votes, Nick Fitzgerald earned 643 and Mike Spurling had 630 votes

Bethany Mayor: Todd Williams received 443 votes defeating Joe Johnson with 205 votes.

Alderman for the City of Bethany East Ward: Lance Johns received 250 defeating Charles L Crabtree who had 119 votes.

Board Member for Bethany Township: Donald Vandivert received 447 votes and Glenn Dale Cox earned 339 votes.


Brookfield R-3 School Board of Education: Toni Fay received 563 votes, Jered Wallace earned 441 and Blake DeVoy had 384.

Brookfield Council Member: Sarah Bowden Wessing received 315 votes and Paul Frey earned 220.

Brookfield Township Board Members: Roger Rhodes received 406 votes and Leroy Cook gained 376.

Marceline Alderman: Elizabeth Cupp won with 126 votes defeating John Carver who received 98.

Marceline Proposition 1: 179 voted NO and50 voted YES


Buchanan County R4 School Board: Ashley B. Spencer received 219 votes, Trevor Cassity earned 193, Michael Reagan netted 165.

Gower Fire Board Members: Darren Ottinger received 100 votes, Josh Church earned 98

East Buchanan C-1 School Board: Redney Kenagy received 129 votes, Priscilla Lee Whitt won 123 votes, Nancy Everrett Roth earned 102.

Gower Fire Question: 80% voted YES while 20% voted NO

Village of Agency Trustees: Sandy Wood received 77 votes, Rhonda Pritchett earned 66.

Nodaway Holt R-VII Board of Education winners: James Fuhrman with 128 votes, Nicholas Madden with 150 votes, Jane Hanson with 173 votes.

Mound City R-2 Board of Education: Brian Tubbs with 184 votes (29.68%), Jeff Holstine with 151 votes (24.35%), and Chad Derr with 136 votes (21.94%).

South Holt R-1 Board of Education: Neal Prussman with 176 votes (29.73%), John Mackey with 158 votes (26.69%), Charles Tiger Parsons with 139 votes (23.48%).

Mound City Alderman, South Ward: Duane A. Nauman won with 30 votes (50.85%


Albany R-3 School District Porposition 2 which would have raised the operating tax levy ceiling failed with 721 NO votes or just over 70% of voters compared to 307 YES votes or  29.8% voting in favor.

Albany Board of Education race: Shelly Brown received 637 votes, Melissa Newman 532 and Kent Wilson 429.