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News Brief

May 16, 2019 |  By: Lily Lopez

Pet owners need to take precautions during warm temperatures

The Humane Society of Missouri urges pet owners to take proper precautions as temperatures start to rise. While pet owners may be fine in 70 degree or warmer weather, pets can easily be harmed to the point of heatstroke. Medical Director for the Animal Medical Center of Mid-America, Travis Arndt, says as temperatures rise its best to leave pets at home.

"People that take their pet with them tend to leave them in parked cars for a period of time while they run an errand.  The cars heat up really fast even on seasonable days when it's in the mid 70s.  So we recommend if it's 70 degrees and warmer not to take your pet with you when you're out and about.  That way they don't get left in the car and overheat."

Arndt urges pet owners to watch out for signs of heat exhaustion.

"A pet that's overheating and showing signs of heat exhaustion use cool water on their extremities to help cool them down.  Really look for excessive panting, vomiting, lethargic behavior.  If you see any of those symptoms in your own pet, schedule an appointment with your veterinarian or take them to the nearest emergency facility to have them examined immediately."

Arndt says if anyone does spot a distressed animal unattended in a car to call your local police department or Animal Shelter.