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News Brief

April 22, 2014HOLT COUNTY, Mo. |  By: Pinney

Burn-down Herbicides

As temperatures fluctuate in April, farmers are controlling weeds with a new herbicide.
Known as "burn-down herbicides," these herbicides are a technological advancement on the typical Roundup and Touchdown herbicides that fail in cooler weather, and with temperatures scheduled to be below 40 degrees for roughly half of the month, burn-down herbicides serve as a solution.
Agronomy Specialist at the University of Missouri Holt County Extension, Wayne Flanary says burn down herbicides work like normal herbicides.

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Flanary says the testing process proved burn-down herbicides to be effective and safe, and farmers using burn-down herbicides gain an advantage over other farmers because they do not have to worry about weed control or crop failure, especially when temperatures dip far enough to cause other herbicides to fail.