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News Brief

Aug. 9, 2013Center, MO |  By: AP

Mysterious Priest

Rescue workers in northeast Missouri struggled to extricate a young woman involved in a serious car wreck until a mysterious priest arrived and helped calm rescuers and the victim.

Now, friends and family of the rescued woman want to know: Who was that mysterious clergy? Reports from law enforcement indicate that the accident happened Sunday morning, August 4th when a suspected drunk driver crossed the center line of Route 19 near Center, Mo., and struck a car driven by 19-year-old Katie Lentz of Quincy, Ill. Rescue crews struggled to get Lentz out of the badly damaged car. After about an hour, Lentz asked them to pray out loud with her. That's when a Catholic priest suddenly appeared. Soon, rescuers were able to extricate Lentz. After the extrication rescue crews were anxious to thank the priest for his comforting words but he had disappeared which has now resulted in some in the community referring to him as the Angel Priest. The mysterious priest story has gone viral throughout the media and social media sites.The victim Katie Lentz remains hospitalized in serious condition.