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News Brief

Jan. 4, 2013MO |  By: Thomack

Missouri's Population Changes

Missouri's northern rural counties are losing population.

That's according to research by a retired professor who tracks population changes in Missouri. Professor Emeritus of University of Missouri-Columbia Rex Campbell uses census data to chart the changes. He's been doing so since 1960. His research shows Missouri's northern rural counties continue to lose population while cities and a few small towns are growing. Campbell says the decline in population north of the Missouri River is due to the gradual transfer of small farm agriculture into large-scale commercial agriculture and less access to Interstate highways.

Campbell says in the last ten years, there has been considerable movement of people out of the metropolitan areas into the fringes

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Campbell says with the new Interstate, people will more likely commute from their place of residence to their job and he predicts an increase in small businesses or other industries along the Interstate.