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News Brief

Nov. 5, 2012ST. JOSEPH, MO |  By: Fluker

Smoke Detectors

Now that you have set your clocks back an hour for Central Standard Time, take the time to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors, too.

The general recommendation is to replace smoke detector batteries every year and the detector itself every 10 years. Saint Joseph Fire Chief Mike Dalsing says that this is a good reminder time as most head indoors more often for the winter.

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Dalsing recommends having your furnace checked by a qualified contractor who should have your filter changed and vacuum out any dust. Avoid putting portable heating devices too close to combustibles and don't leave them on or have candles lit when unattended. As for smoke detectors, avoid getting paint on the unit, dust them off occasionally, and make sure the eye is flashing. Avoid putting detectors in the kitchen or near a ceiling fan as these will impede their accuracy. Put a smoke detector in every bedroom and hallway.