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News Brief

June 29, 2012NODAWAY COUNTY, MO |  By: Roach

Pet Heat Safety

You may not realize, but you could be hurting or potentially threatening the life of your pets when leaving them out too long in the excessive heat.

All animals are at risk for dangerous illnesses. Small house dogs that are not used to being outside and dark colored dogs often have problems in the heat. Director of the New Nodaway Humane Society, Cindy Nelson, says illnesses your pet might encounter are panting and heat stroke. If your animal has heat stroke, Nelson advises to cool them off slowly with water, not ice...wet them down and get the pet to a normal temperature range. Nelson says there are precautions pet owners can take to prevent illness and keep pets comfortable in the heat.

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If animals are used to being outside, Nelson says it's okay to let them stay outside with plenty of water and shade. She also adds a kiddy pool is a nice addition for the pets to have as well. But Nelson recommends house pets only spend 15 to 30 minutes of monitored time outdoors in the extreme heat.