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News Brief

June 28, 2012MARYVILLE, MO |  By: Holley

Heat Health

The National Weather Service has issued an excessive heat warning through Saturday evening.

An excessive heat warning means the area will experience a prolonged period of dangerously hot temperatures.  The combination of heat and high humidity can create a situation in which heat illnesses are likely and can be life threatening. Executive Director of Wellness Services at Northwest Missouri State University, Dr. Jerry Wilmes says those most susceptible to heat illnesses are the very young, the elderly and those who work outside, but he says anyone can be at risk.

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Wilmes says a person suffering from heat exhaustion may have a headache, feel nauseous, have less energy or generally doesn't feel well. Heat stroke occurs when the body can no longer manage the heat. A person suffering from heat stroke can go into shock and may suffer from an altered mental state and needs medical attention immediately. Wilmes says the best way to minimize the risk of suffering from heat illness is to stay out of the heat and to stay hydrated with water.