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News Brief

Jan. 9, 2012ST. JOSEPH, MO |  By: Wayman

Levee Funding

The state of Missouri is creating more than 3.3 million dollars in grants to help local communities repair flood-damaged Missouri River levees.

7 local levee districts from the Iowa border through southern Buchanan county south of St. Joseph can share in the money, coming from community development block grant, and in some cases paying for nearly all the repairs. Bill Britton is emergency manager in Buchanan county where one levee has more than a mile's worth of breaches, it's getting nearly $350,000. He says the danger remains, and the money is needed.

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The Big Tarkio Drainage District will receive more than $667,000, nearly the entire cost of rebuilding its levee system. THe corning levee district protects the area between the Big Tarkio River and Mill Creek will get more than 1.2 million dollars. Holt Levee District number 10 protects Craig, Big Lake, the Burlington Northern Santa Fe Rail Line, and Interstate 29. It will receive nearly $485,000 for repairs. The union township levee protects much of the same area and will get 197,000 in funding. And the Wakenda Levee District in Carroll county will receive nearly $173,000. Grant money is still pending for three more levee districts in north Missouri.