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News Brief

2010-09-23ANDREW COUNTY, MO |  By: Wayman

Andrew County Audit

Investigators say within the Sheriff's department, significant amounts of cash were routinely not deposited into the bank in a timely fashion, bank reconciliations were not performed in any of the 3 accounts for the Andrew County Sheriff's Department, and investigators even found unclaimed money from jail inmates were improperly used to make purchases. For the second audit in a row, the state found neither the county commission nor the county clerk provided auditors with activities of the county collector. Auditors also found the clerk doesn't maintain an account book. They also say there were no comparisons in Andrew County's road and bridge department on how much fuel is dispensed and how many gallons are used. The auditors found as of December 2009, nearly $84,000 in excess property taxes were collected in Andrew County, but the clerk couldn't support how the railroad and utilities tax distribution was calculated.