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News Brief

2009-08-04ST. JOSEPH, MO |  By: Prokes

Walter Cronkite--Patee House

Even though Cronkite just died last month, the Patee (pay-tee) House Museum in St. Joseph, houses exhibits of his life. Cronkite was born in St. Joseph on November 4, 1916. Both his father and grandfather were local dentists. Cronkite left the area as an infant, but his extended family remained in St. Joseph where he returned to visit them throughout his life. The permanent exhibit at the Patee House Museum includes a recreation of his father and grandfather's dentist offices with items donated from the Cronkite family. There is also an exhibit on the Cronkite Family Bible. Walter's birth date was written in the margin. When the Bible was shown to Cronkite while Cronkite was on a visit,
Walter said, "I've always lived on the edge. I never knew why."

A temporary exhibit as been set up with images and information about the times Cronkite visited St. Joseph. The last time Cronkite visited Patee House was October 29, 2006. At that time, Cronkite left house Director Gary Chilcote a note thanking him for setting up his father's and grandfather's offices. He called them, "a wonderful piece of work."
The Patee House Museum is located at 1202 Penn Street in St. Joseph.