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News Brief

2008-10-20MARYVILLE, MO |  By: Wayman

St. Joseph Attorney Influence

Montee law firm has contributed well more than 236 thousand dollars since 2005 to various political interests in the state.

It made up just 15 law firms that have given more than 5 million dollars.

That money was split among a variety of interests… with nearly 360 thousand going to the missouri democratic state committee…. 244 thousand toward the missouri republican party.

State auditor Susan Montee- the former wife connected to the Montee law firm in St. Joseph- received nearly 120 thousand dollars from legal firms for her campaign.

The numbers come from a study by the Missouri Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which calls the 5 million dollar donations by just 15 Missouri trial attorney firms "disturbing"… pointing out many of the firms are trying to get recently-passed laws overturned to help the legal industry in the state.