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News Brief

2008-10-08MARYVILLE, MO |  By: Wayman

Mail Scams

Northwest Missouri residents are being scammed, and they're apparently not learning fast enough.

That's the warning from the St. Joseph police department, which tells us mail schemes are on the rise.

Detectives there say there's been an ever increasing number of counterfeit checks that are being mailed to unwitting victims, who cash them thinking they've just been hired as "secret shoppers" for a major discount store, but they must wire back money.

Police say they're still seeing the similar scam where a prize is sent to someone but they must cash the enclosed check for "fees" associated with winning and again, return the funds via a wire transfer.

Police say victims are telling them they intend to cash the enclosed checks but not mail back any money.

However, you're left with a bounced check and it comes back on you to pay it.

The St. Joseph police department also says a couple of residents have even shipped cars and boats to a so-called buyer who sent more than required for the sale, then asked to have the remainder returned to them.